What To Do As A Pedestrian Hit By A Car in Denver
What To Do As A Pedestrian Hit By A Car in Denver

What To Do As A Pedestrian Hit By A Car in Denver

Pedestrian accidents in Denver are a serious concern. According to the Denver Police Department, in 2022, Denver saw 84 pedestrian fatalities.
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Pedestrian accidents in Denver are a serious concern. According to the Denver Police Department, in 2022, Denver saw 84 pedestrian traffic fatalities, which matched 2021’s all-time high. As a bustling metropolitan city, Denver has hundreds of pedestrians on the streets daily. Whether they’re commuting to work, exercising, or just getting some fresh air, you’ll find dozens of Denver residents outside walking all throughout the day.

But unfortunately, walking can be just as dangerous, or more, as driving a motor vehicle, in fact, since pedestrians don’t have the same protective barriers as motor vehicles, they often end up in critical condition or with severe injuries.l

Pedestrian accidents often result in devastating injuries and even death, leaving victims and their families with physical, financial, and emotional turmoil. Countless individuals in Denver suffer every day after getting struck by a negligent motorist. If you or a loved one experienced a pedestrian accident and are now injured or your loved one is gone, our Denver pedestrian accident attorneys can help you.

Read on to find out more about the rising pedestrian fatalities in Denver and why you might need legal counsel to get the compensation you truly deserve.

Pedestrian Accident Statics in Colorado

  • In 2021, there were 91 pedestrian fatalities (13% of all traffic deaths in 2021)
  • Reports from the Colorado Department of Transportation indicate that the most dangerous counties in Colorado for pedestrian fatalities are as follows:
    • Adams – 17
    • El Paso – 16
    • Denver – 15
    • Larimer – 7
    • Arapahoe – 6
  • In 2020, pedestrian fatalities reached a record high, at 93 fatalities
  • Younger pedestrians are smaller and often harder to see or more likely to jolt out into traffic. Therefore, they have a higher likelihood of getting injured in a pedestrian accident. Additionally, this is why it’s so important to follow the posted speed limit in residential and school zones.

Safety Improvements in Colorado to Protect Pedestrians

Due to the concerning number of pedestrian accidents and fatalities, Colorado’s department of Transportation has decided to improve safety through its program “Safe Routes to School” (STRS) and Revitalizing Main Streets (RMS).

The STRS program is meant to promote and support pedestrian safety projects for children grades K-8 who walk or bike to school. Improvements will include expanded sidewalks, bike lanes, and safer crossings.

Similarly, the RMS program will expand active transportation and improve pedestrian access in downtown areas throughout the state in an effort to make outdoor commerce safer. CDOT awarded 81 small grants totaling about 8 million dollars. Additionally, they gave 16 larger grands equating to about $22 million for projects all across Colorado to improve pedestrian safety conditions. For example, the RMS program will make sidewalk improvements, street enhancements allowing for outdoor dining, additional outdoor lighting, safer accessibility for all modes of transport and support for e-bikes and e-scooters

Additional Pedestrian Safety Campaigns in Denver

Local businesses on South Pearl St. in Denver have partnered with Colorado’s Department of Transportation to raise awareness for pedestrian safety and bring a vital message to life during dark nights: watch for pedestrians.

Most crashes in Denver that include pedestrians occur during low-light conditions, around dusk. The message that Darrell Lingk, Director of the Highway Safety Office at CDOT would like to stress is watching out for pedestrians when it’s especially difficult to see them, such as at night.

In accordance with the Pedestrian Safety Campaign, CDOT has partnered with businesses on S. PEarl to install right neon LED lights in storefront windows including:

  • 5 Green Boxes, Etc. Eatery
  • Kaos Pizzeria
  • Love Dental
  • Melrose and Madison
  • One Ton Creative
  • Second Star to the Right Children’s Books
  • Stella’s Coffee and Wheelhouse Gifts.

Our hopes are that the signs remind everyone to use extra caution and beware of pedestrians, particularly during low visibility hours.

Riley Dorway, owner of Kaos Pizzeria, says “We are so proud to partner with CDOT on this critical safety campaign,” said “We want to keep people safe in our community and this message is close to home since Kaos employees often bike and walk to work. By displaying the neon signs, we want to remind drivers to always look for pedestrians.”CDOT data shows that 69% of pedestrian fatalities in 201 occurred during these low visibility hours.

Pedestrians who are struck in the dark have a substantially lower likelihood of survival. Additionally, the faster the car is traveling when it hits the pedestrian, the w0rse the outcome. The campaign will add signs, share messages through the radio, and post additional billboards and signs dedicated to pedestrian safety in dEnver.

Pedestrian Safety Tips From Colorado Department of Transportation

DCOT urges drivers to follow these tips to help prevent pedestrian accidents:

  • Use a crosswalk whenever there is one available
  • Most crashes with pedestrians occur at non-intersections. So the safest place to cross the street is at the intersection, especially if there is a crosswalk. All drivers should use caution when approaching crosswalks or intersections.
  • Drivers must follow traffic rules
  • Crosswalks are no car zones and cars are expected to stop before the crosswalk. Should a pedestrian press the crosswalk button, drivers must wait for the walk signal to
  • Before a pedestrian crosses the street,they should nod, make eye contact, or somehow communicate with the motorist and confirm they’ve both seen each other.
  • All drivers and pedestrians should use extra caution at night
  • Drivers should limit the use of cell phones and keep their music as a reasonable level so they can hear if someone is honking for screaming
  • The same goes for pedestrians, as they need to be aware of their surroundings and listen for oncoming vehicles\
  • Since pedestrians are harder to see at night, they need to use extra caution when crossing streets and entering crosswalks. Drivers should operate slower and be on the active lookout for pedestrians at crosswalks, stop signs, and stop lights.
  • Pedestrians can also wear bright, reflective clothing at night to increase visibility to drivers
  • As usual when driver, stay on the defense and expect the unexpected

What Should You Do if You or Either Pedestrian Gets Hit by a Vehicle?

If you or someone nearby is hit by a car, you need immediate medical assistance. It’s quite likely the pedestrian who got struck became unconscious after the accident. If you can, or if you witness another pedestrian get struck, document the injuries and call the police. One important thing to remember is never admit guilt or fault for anything. Even an apology can be misconstrued as an admission of fault.

Once the police arrive and you give your statement for the official incident report, you’ll want to contact your insurance company. Then, be sure to seek out trustworthy legal counsel to help you decide on the best steps to take next. Few things can be as dramatic as being a pedestrian and getting hit by a motor vehicle. The staff pedestrian will suffer physical injuries as well as emotional and psychological issues from such a shocking and an unexpected event. That may affect the person’s ability to carry out every task and normal daily self care.

For example, if you’re unable to sleep, eat, dress, bathe, or care for yourself and your family members independently, you may be entitled to seek much higher compensation than you think. This list will give detailed help on the steps to take following a pedestrian accident, which will help protect your health and your legal rights:

Get Medical Assistance ASAP

If you were struck by a vehicle and end up losing consciousness, the motorist or nearby witness is responsible for calling 911. However, if you are conscious, it’s your responsibility to alert local medical and law enforcement. You will most likely experience physical and emotional shock that can cloud your body and brain’s judgment. With extra cortisol, adrenaline and shock, you may have a diminished capability to recognize pain and injury.

Be sure to call 911 right away for assistance and get a thorough medical aussenamt – even if you t8nk your injuries are not that bad.

Document Everything

Once you’ve called the police and medical services, take personal inventory of

  • Where you are in pain/ the injury site
  • Any visual injuries apparent
  • Torn clothes or other garments that have been torn as these can serve as roadmaps to hidden injuries
  • Check yourself from head to toe – your face, neck, and extremities.
  • Check for blood
  • If you bleed out, you may lose consciousness and be unable to process the pain due to a state of shock.
  • Make a note of all of these feelings, visuals, and everything else as best you can. Report your pain and perception to the medical staff or paramedics who respond to the scene as soon as they arrive.

Call the Police

Once you have medical care, make a mental note (or physical one if possible) of all the events that led up to the crash. You’ll most likely be in a very emotional and reactive state, perhaps even in shock, so it will be difficult to recall all of the information. But if you can ust chain a few events and details together, write them down on paper. Memories can deteriorate quickly and they are freshers in your mind immediately after the accident.

You’ll also give your account of exactly what happened with as much detail as possible for the official police report. It’s inevitable to forget all of the details as time passes, so it’s best to get it on paper while it’s clear in your head. The police will want to document every stop that led up to you getting struck, with as many details as possible.

Do Not Discuss Fault on the Scene or with the Motorist’s Insurance Company

Despite the facts which show the events leading up to you being struck by a vehicle, even if it’s clear that the other motorist is at fault, sometimes the law can be confusing. Stay cautious and say only as much as you need to. Laws regarding pedestrian accidents may surprise you. If you say nothing at all that alludes to guilt or responsibility, such as an apology, this can quickly get sued against you.

Anything you say on the scene or to the driver’s insurance company could jeopardize your claim letter. Thus, only discuss the facts of the case and give your vision of the accident to your attorney, medical professionals, and your insurance company. They are the only three entities who really have your best legal interests in mind.

Do not speak at length with the other party’s insurance company as they don’t rea;y have your best interests in mind. Don’t sign any documents that they may send you or accept any settlement they offer right off the bat. Refrain from signing any documents they send you or accepting a settlement offer too quickly. You can take the information of the company, the anime, address, phone number and claim number from the company. But also only offer limited information from your end.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Assuming you have car insurance, contact them as soon as possible. Although you were the injury victim as the pedestrian, your insurance company needs to know this right away so that it’s clear right from the getgo which party was liable and thus how much the at fault party will owe you. Additionally, if you need to make medical or disability claims post accident, you will do so through your insurance policy.

Seek Professional Legal Assistance from Experienced Dever Car Accident Lawyers

As a pedestrian struck by a vehicle, there’s a high likelihood you’re in worse condition than the occupants of the vehicle that struck you. These injuries can result in severe emotional, physical, and financial burdens that can impact your life forever.

Not only that, but the liable insurance company will try their best to place blame on you or even deny your claim. If they do offer settlement, you need to know that they start unfairly low and grossly undervalued the true amount you deserve for all of your suffering. They don’t take into account the day to day difficulties you’re encountering now or how your future life might be affected by this accident.

The good news is that a skilled Denver personal injury lawyer can fight in your corner to assure you protect your legal rights and preserve your livelihood.

Contact a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one is the victim of a pedestrian accident in Denver, contact our legal team today. We can review your legal rights and give you an honest answer regarding the merits of your case.

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