Wheat Ridge Train Accident Attorneys
Wheat Ridge Train Accident Attorneys

Wheat Ridge Train Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured in a train accident in Wheat Ridge, our Wheat Ridge train accident attorneys can fight on your behalf.

If you’ve been injured in a train accident in Wheat Ridge, you shouldn’t have to suffer more by paying for the related expenses. Our Wheat Ridge train accident attorneys can help fight on your behalf to win compensation for your damages.

Why Hire a Wheat Ridge Train Accident Attorney?

When you ride on a train, you expect to come home safely. But what if disaster strikes? Train accidents are usually high speed and result in serious injuries.

Train accidents are almost never the victim’s fault. You deserve financial compensation.

That’s where things get complicated. Railroad companies and their insurers will be working hard to spend as little as possible on the victims. Manipulation, bullying and low-ball offers are expected. You could receive far less than you deserve, leaving you unable to recover – both physically and financially.

Our Wheat Ridge train accident attorneys will fight aggressively to determine who is liable and prove the true cost of your injuries. We don’t give in to insurance companies and their armies of opposing lawyers.

Feel free to contact Wheat Ridge Personal Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.

Wheat Ridge Train Accident Statistics:

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration reports:

Number of Train Accidents by Railroad:

From 2017-2021:

  • BNSF Railroad Company: 20
  • Wheat Ridge Rock Island Railroad (DRIR): 1
  • Regional Transit District-Commuter (RTDC): 6
  • Union Pacific Railroad Company (UP): 23

Colorado Light Rail

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) was formed in 1969 to provide mass transport to over 2.92 million people. Today, 172 vehicles and 54 active stations serve 2,342 square miles, including the following counties:

  • Adams
  • Arapahoe
  • Boulder
  • Broomfield
  • Wheat Ridge
  • Douglas
  • Jefferson
  • Weld

Common Causes of Wheat Ridge Train Accidents:

Train accidents usually have more than one cause, as multiple things can go wrong at once.

That can leave various parties liable, making it difficult for victims to claim compensation. Our Wheat Ridge train accident attorneys have the experience to make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case.

Common causes include:

Human Error

Trains are operated by humans. If a conductor or engineer was distracted, intoxicated or overlooked safety precautions (such as leaving other train cars on the same track), accidents can occur.

Our Wheat Ridge train accident attorneys can determine the cause and liable party before preparing a robust case on your behalf.

Driver Negligence

When a motorist attempts to cross a railroad crossing just before the train arrives, it’s called train racing.

Train racing can cause huge accidents as the train is forced to slam on its brakes before making a heavy impact with a vehicle.

However, the motorist might not be the only party liable. From brake manufacturers to the train driver, it’s likely many fingers will be pointed.

Equipment Failure

Faulty equipment is often to blame for train accidents. In these scenarios, the railroad company or a part manufacturer may be liable. Equipment failure may include:

  • Brake malfunction
  • Warning lights, sound and gates malfunction
  • Signal or switch malfunction
  • Faulty communication systems
  • Defective or broken handrails
  • Damaged rails, causing derailment

Types of Train Accidents:

The above-listed causes can lead to accidents, including:

  • Hard braking, causing passengers to be injured.
  • Collisions with other trains.
  • Collisions with motor vehicles
  • Collisions with pedestrians or cyclists
  • Derailments
  • Fires

Liability for Wheat Ridge Train Accidents

Proving Negligence

For a party to be liable for your injuries, you must prove that their negligence directly resulted in your injuries.

Our Wheat Ridge train accident attorneys will work on your behalf to determine who was at fault and show how they caused your damages.

Common at Fault Parties:

The liable party will depend on the circumstances of your train accident. Railroad companies, for example, have a responsibility to ensure their passengers are safe at all times. So they need to make sure their equipment is functioning correctly and is well maintained. They also need to ensure their employees are trained properly and of sound mind.

However, there may be various parties at fault, including:

  • Railroad companies
  • Major freight companies
  • Public train companies
  • Train operator
  • Motorists
  • Train or part manufacturers
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists

Why You Must Act Fast After a Wheat Ridge Train Accident:

Statute of Limitations

Any Wheat Ridge train accident will receive a thorough investigation conducted by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the Federal Railroad Authority (FRA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

These investigations can take months or even years to conclude, leaving victims at risk of missing the two-year Statute of Limitations deadline to file a claim.

Our Wheat Ridge train accident attorneys will investigate on your behalf, ensuring your claim is made on time to win you the money you deserve.

Government Tort Claims

In some cases, you may need to file a government tort claim. These claims are usually for accidents where a public train company was at fault. Government tort claims are far more restrictive and only allow 180 days to file a claim after an accident.

What Damages Could I Win in a Wheat Ridge Train Accident Claim?

Our Wheat Ridge train accident attorneys can help you recover compensation for the following damages:

Economic Damages

  • Medical Expenses (past and future, since the date of the accident)
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Treatment Costs
  • Lost Wages
  • Loss of Future Earnings
  • In-Home Care Expenses
  • Childcare Costs
  • Medical Equipment Costs
  • Transportation Expenses

Non-Economic Damages

  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Mental Anguish
  • Scarring / Disfigurement
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Potential Punitive Damages
  • Property Damage
  • Wrongful Death

Common Types of Injuries in Wheat Ridge Train Accidents:

Our Wheat Ridge train accident attorneys have assisted victims suffering from the following injuries:

  • Amputation
  • Back, shoulder, and neck injury
  • Brain Injury
  • Burn Injury
  • Burns
  • Catastrophic injury
  • Chest injury
  • Crushing injury
  • Degloving
  • Eye injury
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Head injury, including concussion
  • Paralysis
  • Scarring & Disfigurement
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Whiplash

What if A Loved One Has Died in a Wheat Ridge Train Accident?

If a family member has been killed in a train-related accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. These claims are designed to help surviving families recover damages such as funeral costs, loss of earnings and compensation for their suffering.

With free consultations, our Wheat Ridge train accident attorneys can quickly assess what compensation may be available for your family.

What to Do if You’ve Been Involved in a Train Accident?

Whether you’ve been injured on a train, at a crossing, a platform or any other location – you have the right to contact a Wheat Ridge train accident attorney. We always encourage victims of even the smallest accidents to contact us, so we can help you navigate the process for the best outcome.

You should also:

  • Report your injuries immediately to the train operator.
  • Seek immediate medical assistance if required.
  • Ask witnesses for their names and contact information.
  • Never agree to providing a written or recorded statement with an insurer or train company without speaking to a Wheat Ridge train accident attorney.
  • Never agree to a low-ball offer without speaking to an attorney first.
  • Retain all doctors’ notes, medical bills and any evidence that can prove your injuries were caused by the accident.

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