Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney
Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney

Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own by someone on the job, a Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney can help you get back on your feet.

Amazon Delivery Accidents Happen. If you have been involved in one of these accidents, Be sure to protect your legal rights by calling the best Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney at

We are ready to help and protect you. We make sure that you are represented when facing large corporate Lawyers. Amazon will fight tooth and nail to make sure they legally hold no responsibility. It is important for you to understand how they do this, what the repercussions of this policy are, and how you can fight back against this immoral abrogation of responsibility.

A Growing Need for Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorneys

Amazon does an incredible job of getting packages to their destination on time. They require that their drivers deliver 99.9%, or 999 out of every 1000, deliveries to be made on time. This is pretty incredible when you think about how many deliveries Amazon handles in a given year, month, week, or day.

With more deliveries and firm pressure on the drivers to deliver on time, it is understandable that accidents with Amazon delivery drivers happen on a somewhat regular basis. That is when you need a Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney. These accidents may be the fault of either party and could be caused by reckless driving, speeding, distracted driving, or a multitude of other reasons.

A growing problem of Amazon using legal tactics to avoid responsibility has been documented by the NY Times. The article focuses on Amazon’s use of contractors as delivery drivers and how Amazon is able to shield itself from liability through the use of these contractors.

With the use of these contractors, the high number of accidents involving Amazon cannot be nailed down. However, one of the only in-depth studies, performed by The NY Times and Pro Publica study, was able to determine that there was a minimum of 60 serious accidents (not included were minor fender benders) between 2015 and 2019. While this may seem like a small number, These are only the cases where definitive information was available. In those 60 cases, 10 people including children were killed.

In 2020 the United States Occupational and Safety Health Association (OSHA) has determined that there are 13.4 injuries out of every 100 contract delivery drivers. While not all of these are due to car accidents many of them are.

With over 150,000 worldwide Amazon employees at the end of 2020, Amazon employed thousands of contract delivery drivers in The United States. With a rate of 13.4 injuries per 100, that is a lot of injuries to its drivers and a lot of Amazon Delivery Accidents. The Denver Metro area has an amazon delivery distribution center. They located it so close to Denver because of the high use of Amazon by Coloradans.

How Can Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney Help

Whatever you are facing in a Denver Amazon delivery accident, you will likely need help. Getting in a car accident is a bigger deal than some people realize and can have long-lasting implications. Some of the issues you could run into are:

  • Your Vehicle Totaled
  • The Amazon vehicle Totaled
  • Injury To the Amazon Driver
  • Injury To You
  • Injury to your passenger
  • Damage to property

If any of these things occur, an experienced law firm that employs Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorneys can help. While hopefully, you are all others involved in the accident are safe, Like any other vehicle accident there are a variety of medical issues that can happen including

  • Whiplash
  • Broken Bones
  • Concussions
  • Burns
  • Internal damage
  • And more

When you add to that, the often larger size vehicles that are driven for deliveries, the chance of bad injuries goes up

With bad injuries often small medical issues can creep up in the future. Left untreated they can turn into major problems. The same can be said for cars. When you get a major issue with your vehicle small issues can often be masked. A good mechanic might miss something minor when they are so focused on fixing a larger problem. But those small problems can in time grow until you have more expensive repairs on hand.

Having good Attorneys helps make sure you get the compensation to pay for those small injuries to both you, and your car, that might creep up on you in the future. Remember, Even attorneys hire other attorneys to help them with problems.

Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorney Help With Compensation

While of course, no attorney can guarantee that you win a case, getting an experienced group of attorneys like those at Denver Law can help you get compensation for your accident. That compensation can help with

Your Loss of Income Which Can Include

  • Loss of work
  • Loss of side jobs
  • Possible Loss of future income
  • Possibly loss of earning potential

Your Pain and Suffering Both Medical and Emotional

  • Mental pain and suffering
  • Acute Pain and suffering
  • Chronic medical pain and suffering

Your Medical Expenses Could Include

  • Hospital visits
  • Medical devices
  • Doctor copays
  • Rehabilitation
  • Psychiatric treatment to deal with trauma
  • Hospital stays

Your Vehicles Damage May Include

  • Minor damage
  • Major damager
  • Paint issues
  • Totaled vehicle
  • Rental vehicle

Trying to handle this type of case on your own can often lead to big insurance companies taking advantage of you. Getting Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorneys will help to make sure that you have people fighting for you

Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorneys Fight for You

Fighting against a large company like Amazon may seem difficult, and it is. The Law can often seem weighted in their favor, and depending on your perspective, it is. It is important to your future, if you have been in an Amazon delivery accident, that you find people with the experience and willingness to take on a company like Amazon and the big insurance companies.

The other benefit is that then you are able to help others. By hiring experienced Denver Amazon Delivery Accident Attorneys you will empower others to fight for their rights and just compensation as well.  Contact us today to further discuss your case.

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