Denver Delivery Driver Accident Attorney
Denver Delivery Driver Accident Attorney

Denver Delivery Driver Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured by a delivery driver through no fault of your own, a Denver Delivery Driver Accident Attorney can help you get back on your feet.

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own by someone on the job, a Denver delivery driver accident attorney can help you get back on your feet. With the rate of deliveries constantly increasing, more drivers are on the road for longer periods of time and that means more delivery drivers are involved in accidents.

Do I Need an Attorney?

We are all required to follow the rules of the road, but delivery drivers especially need to have their full attention on the task at hand.  A good Denver delivery driver accident attorney will know the letter of the law regarding negligent delivery drivers.  They’ll be able to get you the most compensation in your particular case and ensure that your case is heard and agreed with by the judge.  No one should have to weather the storms of paying for their own injuries or vehicle damage alone, certainly when it’s not your fault!

Our Denver delivery driver accident attorneys are adept at working with insurance companies, so you don’t have to.  The potential benefits of having someone knowledgeable of the devices insurance companies may try to use to avoid paying the maximum amount due you cannot be overstated.  For example, most insurance companies have their own internal procedures for determining damages and payout amounts but this does not always reflect the actual cost of injuries and property damage in the real world.  Insisting on multiple assessments and quotes is one way to make sure they actually cover the cost of your injuries.  A quality Denver delivery driver accident attorney specializes in these negotiations and will fight for you!

What Should I Look for in a Denver Delivery Driver Accident Attorney?

As they say, knowledge is power and this is never more true than when protecting your rights.  In order to protect your rights, you have to know what those rights are.  A skilled Denver delivery driver accident attorney will be able to fluently and effortlessly explain to you the rights you possess as well as how you can use them to your advantage.  For instance, most delivery drivers are subject to rules and regulations that spell out the responsibilities of the driver and the owner of the vehicle.  Often, a delivery driver may be driving a company vehicle and therefore, he must ensure that he has certain boxes checked in order to work within the bounds of the law.  According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Planner, a few of the duties of a delivery driver are:

  • Hours of Service: Delivery drivers are required by law to take breaks after a certain number of hours on the road. If they fail to do so, they are in violation of federal law and at greater risk of causing an accident!
  • Driver Training: In order to obtain a CDL or commercial driving license, drivers must be properly trained. This means they must complete specific on-the-road training in addition to a written exam.
  • Background Checks: All CDL drivers must have undergone a thorough background check to guarantee that they are qualified to drive a commercial vehicle and don’t have a history of erratic driving or accidents.

Our Denver delivery driver accident attorneys will start by checking up on each one of these points and more.  If any delivery driver that has injured you or damaged your property is in violation of any of these regulations, it can throw a big red flag and be a boon for your case!  Contact one of our experienced Denver delivery driver accident attorneys today for an evaluation of your specific situation!

What Exactly Does the Law Say Regarding Denver Delivery Driver Accidents?

When filing a personal injury claim in the state of Colorado, the plaintiff must prove they were injured as a result of negligence on the part of the defendant.  In practice, this means showing the court that:

  • The defendant owed a “duty of care” to the plaintiff
  • The defendant did not maintain that “duty of care”
  • The plaintiff’s injuries can have a monetary value placed on them
  • The defendant’s lack of maintenance of the “duty of care” is the reason for the plaintiff’s injuries

This can obviously be a bit tricky, but that is exactly what our Denver delivery driver accident attorneys are here for.  We’ll help you build and manage your case to get the best possible result for your situation.  It’s important to keep in mind that in a personal injury case, the jury will try and determine whether a reasonable person would have acted the same way as the defendant given the circumstances.  Since that is the core of what we’re trying to prove, showing evidence supporting this fact is crucial.

What Kind of Evidence Do I Need?

Unfortunately, in Colorado, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff in delivery driver accident cases.  Fortunately though, our skillful Denver delivery driver accident attorneys are masters at combing through evidence to present the most convincing case possible.  If you are involved in an accident, you should attempt to speak to any witnesses and take photos whenever possible.  While it may be difficult to obtain at the time, these can certainly help your case.  In addition, our Denver delivery driver accident attorneys are here to assist you in gathering statements from doctors, police officers, and reports detailing what occurred.  On your end, you should make sure that you keep any medical bills pertaining to your injury to be used as evidence.

Call a Denver Delivery Driver Attorney Today

Being injured in a car accident through no fault of your own can be a life-altering event.  Don’t leave the compensation necessary for your recovery to chance!  Our Denver delivery driver attorneys are the best in the field, boasting a stellar reputation and five-star customer service.  It’s not only our job to know all of the ins and outs of personal injury law in Colorado, it’s also our passion!  You need to ensure that you have the best possible advice and guidance during possibly one of the most trying times in your life and our supremely knowledgeable Denver delivery driver attorneys will be with you every step of the way.

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