Denver FedEx & UPS Accident Lawyer
Denver FedEx & UPS Accident Lawyer

Denver FedEx & UPS Accident Lawyer

If you've sustained injuries after an accident with a FedEx or UPS truck you need to hire our skilled Denver FedEx & UPS accident lawyers.

FedEx is the second largest courier delivery service in the US. Likewise, the United States Parcel Service (UPS) operates nationwide. Both companies deliver documents and packages to millions of customers every day. They use huge trucks, commercial vehicles, and even airplanes to deliver parcels around the country.

FedEx and UPS deploy vehicles daily, covering millions of miles annually. As a result, many drivers complete deliveries without harm, leaving happy customers. But unfortunately, FedEx and UPS trucks are bound to get into accidents from time to time. The results of such an accident can be tremendous damage and severe injuries. Consequently, victims must deal with medical bills, reduced wages, pain and suffering, and more. If you’ve sustained injuries after an accident with a FedEx or UPS truck you need to hire a skilled truck accident attorney.

Why It’s Critical to Hire a Denver FedEx & UPS Accident Lawyer

Because both FedEx and UPS are large companies with a reputation to maintain, they do everything they can to deflect responsibility after accidents. Even if their company drivers have injured someone in an accident, they want to maintain their safety record. In addition, they have the resources to pay insurance representatives and attorneys to preserve the company’s reputation. That means they also pay to minimize their liability at the cost of your compensation payout.

Liability and insurance are complex issues regarding UPS and FedEx accidents. Since their drivers are employees, any damages they cause are ultimately the company’s fault. Usually, the damage and insurance limit for such accidents is high. Therefore, the stakes are high for victims involved in a UPS or FedEx accident. It’s possible to get paid a settlement of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

A FedEx or UPS Truck Crash Case Means a Higher Settlement

A typical car accident won’t involve a huge dispute over liability. That’s mainly because the damages involved may not be very substantial. So, with a few exceptions, the parties involved don’t have too much at stake.

However, you could win a massive settlement if you are involved in a crash with a FedEx or UPS truck. There are two main reasons for this:

1. Due to the sheer size and weight of a truck, it poses a higher risk of accidents. Therefore, truck accidents almost always result in more severe damage than regular car accidents.

2. FedEx and UPS are large corporate companies with substantial insurance liability limits. Most jury members understand that commercial delivery entities like UPS and FedEx can afford large payouts to accident victims. They will empathize with you even more if your injuries are severe or catastrophic.

Claims Against FedEx and UPS Are Different Than Regular Accident Claims

Your attorney must prove that the company driver was at fault for a liability dispute in a FedEx or UPS truck accident case. Thus, a thorough investigation is imperative to find all the facts about the case. Your Denver FedEx & UPS Accident Lawyer will gather information like:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Medical reports
  • Data from the FedEx or UPS systems
  • Inspection information from the companies
  • Records of maintenance on the company trucks
  • Service hours of the company drivers

The average lawyer may not be qualified to navigate the complexities and the plethora of information necessary to build a case. That’s why you need an experienced Denver FedEx & UPS Accident Lawyer who has handled these cases. Our Denver FedEx & UPS Accident Lawyers have the knowledge and experience to win your case against large corporate bodies. In addition, we have won substantial amounts of money on behalf of our clients.

What to Expect if File a Claim Against FedEx or UPS

Often victims are shocked that the company will not easily accept liability. Moreover, most commercial trucking companies have considerable coverage for their vehicles. However, they will never readily admit fault. That’s because they want to avoid paying out large sums on claims. Instead, they expect the victim to prove their claim. They also know that most people will back down out of intimidation or confusion. As a result, they almost always offer a lowball initial settlement offer.

Due to the complex legal proceedings involved with FedEx and UPS claims, it’s best to seek representation from a qualified Denver FedEx & UPS Accident Lawyer. Take your claim seriously, and hire a formidable commercial Truck Accident Lawyer. Solid legal representation gives you a better chance of securing fair compensation. Furthermore, a good attorney will handle all communications on your behalf and ensure you file a claim within the statute of limitations. Our attorneys are ready to fight aggressively to negotiate on your behalf or proceed to litigation if necessary.

How Do I Know if the FedEx or UPS Truck Driver Is Liable?

Big businesses like FedEx and UPS have safety rules and regulations to avoid accidents. Some examples of company regulations include proper cargo loading and truck maintenance. These regulations are in place to ensure that their drivers and others are kept safe. However, they do not guarantee that accidents won’t happen.

To establish liability of the FedEx or UPS driver, you must prove that they caused the accident by negligent or reckless actions. Some examples of negligent behaviors include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving or falling asleep while driving
  • Violating traffic laws (e.g., speeding, illegal turns, etc.)
  • Ignoring traffic signs (i.e., running a red light or stop sign)
  • Speeding
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Proving that the company driver’s negligence caused the accident is crucial to obtaining maximum compensation.

Denver FedEx & UPS Accident Lawyers With the Right Experience to Help You

Our Denver FedEx & UPS Accident Lawyers are skilled litigators prepared to help you compete against big-name companies like FedEx and UPS. In addition, we have extensive experience negotiating settlements on behalf of our clients.

While some attorneys will pressure you to accept an out-of-court settlement, we will never do that. Our experienced personal injury attorneys are prepared to represent you in court. We also have numerous trial success stories from our previous clients.

We take pride in our expert legal services and focus on what’s best for our clients. If you have sustained injuries in a FedEx or UPS truck accident, we are here to help. It would help if you didn’t have to deal with the aftermath of such a traumatic event alone. Let us handle the complex legal proceedings on your behalf so you can focus on recovering.

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